Listen and see if your child can identify which ballet the music is from:
The Nutcracker
Swan Lake
Sleeping Beauty

Facts your child might know:
1.  he died
2.  he played music
3.  he tapped on the windows to make music
4.  he put his hand on his head to keep it from flying away when he was conducting
5.  his parents wanted him to be a lawyer
6.  he wrote The Nutcracker
7.  after he became a lawyer, he told his family he could not do it anymore because he wanted to study music.

8.  he wrote Swan Lake
9.  he wrote the music for ballets
10.  he wrote The Sleeping Beauty
11.  he wrote music
12.  he was born in Russia
13.  he came to the U.S. to conduct music at the opening of Carnegie Hall

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