This week the children have continue to grow familiar with the classroom, namely Montessori materials that we use. They focused on the rectangular prisms of the Brown Stairs, the cubes that create the Pink Tower, the shapes in the Geometric Cabinet, and primary and secondary colors in the Color Boxes. Ask your child what they know or thought about these materials. 

When Maria Montessori developed our approach to learning over 100 years ago, she herself created many of the materials we still use today. She did not patent, copyright, trademark anything. She wanted these tools to be used by any child or teacher in the world with the desire to learn about them. If you would like to learn more, please visit the American Montessori Society’s page on materials for detailed information.
Dates to Remember:
Monday, September 1st – Labor Day, School Closed
Tuesday, September 9th – Orientation at 6-7 PM, at least one parent needs to attend, please make arrangements for child care
Thursday, September 25th – Fun Raiser Dinner at Sweet Tomatoes in Tempe 5 – 8 PM
Saturday, September 27th – Parent Work Day