Friday is musical instrument day.  Check out this YouTube video we made this afternoon!

This week we talked about how the United States became a country.

Questions to ask and how your child might answer:

Q:  How many colonies were there?
A:  13 colonies

Q:  Why did the colonies want to be free from England?
A:  The people of the colonies did not like the rules that the King imposed.

Q:  How did they communicate to the King of England?
A:  They had to send messages by boat across the ocean and then wait for replies to come back.

Q:  What did the King say when he got their messages?
A:  “I don’t care”

Q:  What did the colonies decide to do when the King would not allow them to separate?
A:  They decided they had to fight.

Q:  What did they call the war?
A:  The Revolutionary War

Q:  Who won the Revolutionary War?
A:  The 13 colonies

Q:  What did they have to do once they won the war?
A:  They had to make their own rules.

Q:  What did they call the rules they made?
A:  The Constitution of the United States.

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