posted Nov 30, 2009 8:15 AM

My twins have attended Mesa Montessori since they were 3½ years old, and I cannot say more about how much my kids have learned from this school.  My son started learning to read before he turned 4.  My daughter knows about the continents and could name all 50 states in the US when she was 4.  They are now 5½ and can read almost everything you put in front of them.  They sight read. They started learning to spell.  There is so much learning that takes place in this school; if I made the list, this comment will be many pages long.

The most interesting thing I have observed is that the kids are not forced to learn.  They were encouraged to learn through observing their peers, and then they requested the teacher to teach them.  The teachers are extremely effective and are able to get concept across to kids very well.  So, the school does not only give them academic materials but also the willingness to learn that comes from within.  My kids can’t wait to go to school.  All the teachers are very attentive and are interested in kid’s education and their performance.  I also made friends with many parents and enjoyed exchanging information on our kids.  And last but not least…the school will heat up lunch for kids and let you do a curve side drop off and pick up – these are definitely a plus on top of all the good things the school provide.  Get your kids in there if you don’t want to waste their brain power at the most critical time of their development!  You will be grateful.

Shirley – Mother of 2 MM students